These first two shots are Octobrish photos: beautiful blueberry barrens in the autumn (above) and planting garlic for the spring with my friend B. It frequently happens that I drive by something amazing, like the field above, and have no camera at hand. When I remember in time, before the Amazing becomes Less So, it feels like a major coup. Like finally getting something mailed at the post office. Which can also feel like an epic adventure.
SONY DSCWe had Thanksgiving, with so much in our lives to be grateful for. There’s our own squash, getting ready to be dressed up with bacon, kale, and corn for a festive and tasty dish. Do you remember it from this photo? Our babies are all grown up and taking their places in the things we like to eat.

There were lots of busy hands on deck and plenty of magazines to consult. With post-it notes of course.



action shot of Jonas

And beautiful table decorations! 
SONY DSCCan you see those cranberries in the bottoms of the vases? Such a crafty idea for holding flowers in place and looking so harvest-y to boot!

I  had my first experience rolling out pie crust on a stone countertop and it really blew my mind a little. It was all-butter crust, from Fine Cooking, and I had pre-made it at home before traveling. I always thought that those people who sung marble’s/granite’s praises were really just trying to justify an unnecessary expense of kitchen remodels. But it sure made rolling dough out an easy and pleasurable thing. We had pumpkin (our own garden-grown!), cherry (family favorite), and pear/apple crisp topping (a hybrid of two recipes, here and here). That last one was the winner of the day.



One thought on “Novembrish

  1. Hi Iris,

    I found the new wordpress location. Nice photos of TG, and all the fine cooks and cooking!! I love the action shot of Jonas!!

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