…even more knitting

SONY DSCA little more on knitting. I do it because I like to have busy hands. And because I like to make things for other people. I like figuring out a new pattern and learning new ways to construct a garment, experiencing new yarns and how they knit up. I like making up my own patterns to fit the needs and wants and specifications and body parts of the people I knit for. 
SONY DSCHere’s a hat that was sent off last week to a recipient who gets a hot head, so he wanted to be able to flip up the edge of the hat so that it didn’t cover his ears! Shocking idea to me and a hat I would never want or wear. But here it is, in a merino/alpaca blend yarn by the nice folks at Good Karma Farm. I can’t remember what the colorway was called but it seemed like a beautiful Maine tidepool to me. This yarn is such a pleasure to knit.

And remember that hat for Sylvan? Earflaps with a smudgkin? Well it turned out it was a little bit short for his liking. And he *wasn’t wearing it* because it didn’t fit right. Can’t have that! I had to make it right, so I ripped out and knit a little bit more length to it. When I asked about the smudgkin, he opted out on the second go. So it’s an earflap hat, sans smudgkin, that actually fits his head how he likes it.

SONY DSCThe Over the Rainbow Yarn Knit-Along with the Sallah Cowl is coming right along! You may remember it from last post. I’m on the decrease side now (refresh yourself on the construction of this item here). I’m a little concerned I won’t have enough yearn for the neat-looking i-cord edging on this though.


So, the boy who needed the neckwarmer has got one again! I promise I won’t give it to a needy chicken this time. This is Sylvan’s Warm Necker, which is so simple it seemed silly to even write any pattern notes at all. But let me tell you about this lovely yarn, shown in the last post also, the yummy yummy oh-so-soft merino by Malabrigo called Rasta. It’s really thick and I was knitting on size 15 needles—just one evening start to finish!



january knitting, etc.


In our family, we make windowsill still lives. Not on purpose. Just because we do. Here are a few recent ones.

Knitting! A lot of knitting is happening lately. It’s my calm between the twin SuperStorms of December and end of January when my (FINAL) semester at graduate school begins: my lots and lots of writing semester, my culminating e-portfolio semester. I’m a little bit scared of it right now.

Above, this beautiful Malabrigo Azules was purchased at my LYS, Over the Rainbow Yarn. I bought it because I have always felt a little bit guilty about giving Sylvan’s beautiful cushy neckwarmer to our chicken, Puffkins (dearly departed now), when she was recovering from an injury. Here is a post that features our dear Puffkins in a nice handknit neckwarmer. This new neckwarmer project will be good idiot knitting, easy and round, for when I start my next SuperStorm

And I’ve just joined my first Knit-Along (KAL), also through Over the Rainbow, for the Sallah Cowl. It’s a very fun stretchy rib, created by using alternating needle sizes and using a through-back-loop (TBL) knit stitch. I am using a couple of skeins of sock yarn, repurposed from a pair of WIP gauntlets which looked awesome on the arm part and terrible on the hand parts. (I won’t even link to the pattern because it’s such a frustration to me.) This cowl is also knit on the bias to make some sort of parallelogram. Here is a helpful blog post by the designer, if you want a visual of how it is constructed.

I’m a constructivist knitter, as you know. Always up for a new adventure in knitting if it involves a new way to construct a garment or item.

Sylvan has discovered models! What a wholesome, old-fashioned past-time for a boy. I guess the glue and paint are not at all wholesome, but we are trying to keep things well-ventilated for the sake of his and our brain cells.

OH. And speaking of blogs you should look at, if you want 1) cute baby pics, 2) cute baby in knitwear pics, and 3) a sweet, cozy, and calm place to visit, check out: Posie Gets Cozy. Try here and here and Baby Santa Lucia here to start. Thank you, Kerry!

~festive season~


Stars. Snowflakes. Quiet.

This stained-glass candle holder was designed and created by Jonas, at the studio of Hans Schepker during a geometry field trip with his class.

Remember the little red hat on the needles? Here it is on the head. His specifications: red, soft, earflaps, with a smudgkin (visible in first photo). Love the merino that I purchased from Over the Rainbow Yarn “where your fiber dreams come true.” Actually that tagline is completely true and it has everything to do with a lovely store with friendly folks and…wait for it… HOURS EVERY DAY, 10-7. This is a previously unheard of yarn store business model in the midcoast area and one that thrills me. A yarn store with hours that make it easy for me to go there and *spend my money.* Every day, if I want to. Easy peasy.

SONY DSC3rd stocking from the left was knit in two days by all four of the fabulous knitters in this house, from house yarn stash, for the girlfriend of my brother, A. The visionary behind the design was Mr. Crafty, who not only knits, but likes to knit out of the stash. Friends, I don’t mean to make you too jealous, but this means that I don’t have to feel guilty about knitting down the stash because Mr. Crafty does that for us. Which means I get to buy new yarn, guilt-free. Kudos to Mr. Crafty who stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish up the stocking just in time for St. Nick to fill.

We were going to be out of bread for Christmas morning, so I made up some no-knead sourdough bread from our own starter.  The starter was so active that the first rise was much shorter than expected, so I made sure to let it rise in a very cool location for rise #2, which was overnight. Also, since I don’t have two dutch ovens (only one, and too big at that), I used a couple of stainless steel pots with lids. And finally…since we are talking about Christmas morning, I didn’t fuss around with pre-heating those pots in the oven first, as the recipe suggests. I just put them in the cold oven as is, and then turned the oven on. Seemed to work just fine. The bread was unbelievably delicious. Thank you Annie Mahle for republishing the original Portland Press Herald column with the recipe! Thank goodness I had carefully archived my own copy.

Driving home from a quick jaunt to Southern New England yesterday (New Year’s Eve), there were two notable remarks made to me. The first, from a Starbuck’s barista, who told me to “Have fun tonight!” as I left with my beverage. That made me smile. Really? Do I look like the type of person who would be partying it up for NYE? I had a good chuckle about that. My NYE was blissfully spent at home, in a quiet boy-less house, with a bowl of my favorite Asian noodle soup to-go from the A-1 Diner, and Portlandia episodes on YouTube. Reading in bed at 9:30 and asleep by 10:30. I had fun.

When I was paying my toll at 295, the jolly toll-collector said: “Welcome home” when he took my money. How did he know?! I could have just been coming from South Portland. Did I look that harried from my epic day of driving? Did I show signs of relief to be driving on the nice uncrowded highways of Maine, with mostly sane drivers who believe (as I do) in the appropriate amount of space left between cars that are hurtling along at high speeds? (Oh and what’s up with seeing at least 4 drivers in CT pulled over on the emergency lanes, refueling. Who runs out of gas anymore?) I was so so so so so glad to be home in Maine.

SONY DSC Here is Jonas, because homework still must be done. Not that he was given homework over vacation, but he likes to keep up with his own deadlines. This is the peaceful moment right before I squawked: “Type with two hands!!!” You can see he’s wearing his birthday hat which may or may not already be lost. That’s how it is with hats.

Happy New Year.