january knitting, etc.


In our family, we make windowsill still lives. Not on purpose. Just because we do. Here are a few recent ones.

Knitting! A lot of knitting is happening lately. It’s my calm between the twin SuperStorms of December and end of January when my (FINAL) semester at graduate school begins: my lots and lots of writing semester, my culminating e-portfolio semester. I’m a little bit scared of it right now.

Above, this beautiful Malabrigo Azules was purchased at my LYS, Over the Rainbow Yarn. I bought it because I have always felt a little bit guilty about giving Sylvan’s beautiful cushy neckwarmer to our chicken, Puffkins (dearly departed now), when she was recovering from an injury. Here is a post that features our dear Puffkins in a nice handknit neckwarmer. This new neckwarmer project will be good idiot knitting, easy and round, for when I start my next SuperStorm

And I’ve just joined my first Knit-Along (KAL), also through Over the Rainbow, for the Sallah Cowl. It’s a very fun stretchy rib, created by using alternating needle sizes and using a through-back-loop (TBL) knit stitch. I am using a couple of skeins of sock yarn, repurposed from a pair of WIP gauntlets which looked awesome on the arm part and terrible on the hand parts. (I won’t even link to the pattern because it’s such a frustration to me.) This cowl is also knit on the bias to make some sort of parallelogram. Here is a helpful blog post by the designer, if you want a visual of how it is constructed.

I’m a constructivist knitter, as you know. Always up for a new adventure in knitting if it involves a new way to construct a garment or item.

Sylvan has discovered models! What a wholesome, old-fashioned past-time for a boy. I guess the glue and paint are not at all wholesome, but we are trying to keep things well-ventilated for the sake of his and our brain cells.

OH. And speaking of blogs you should look at, if you want 1) cute baby pics, 2) cute baby in knitwear pics, and 3) a sweet, cozy, and calm place to visit, check out: Posie Gets Cozy. Try here and here and Baby Santa Lucia here to start. Thank you, Kerry!


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