did you hear about the snow?

SONY DSCIt was an event. There were some threads on Facebook that wondered why hardy New Englanders, Mainers even, were getting so wound up about this. People! Global weirding is happening: this means epic snowstorms and even regular, run-of-the-mill snowstorms are not a regular feature of the winter season anymore (more’s the pity). (Case in point: RAIN and 40 degrees forecast for tomorrow?!) We get excited because having a real snowstorm feels like sighting an endangered animal.


look at how cute our little cars are, all snuggled up together

So this storm brought our family a lot of delight. Snow was blowing sideways! Winds howling! Drifts up to 4 feet in places and bare grass in others! Goggles were necessary if you wanted to stay outside and play! Fluffy cold powder! (Which is still heavy to shovel, btw.) It snowed for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT.

SONY DSCWe sought entertainment in the form of movies, reading, knitting, playing games, cooking, listening to music, and irritating each other. You know, the usual things. Also, making Sylvan a transformer suit out of (mostly) eco-packaging material plus a lot of tape.

SONY DSCAnd how about this monogrammed wooden/plastic sled? Still going strong after years of use, made by Mountain Boy Sled Works! I took a couple of spins down the hill myself.

SONY DSCSome boys thought a great game would be to see who could put his face in the snow for the longest amount of time. I think Jonas won. And then accused his brother of cheating. Because it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise, right? But really, can you declare yourself a winner when your face and ears are full of snow?!

Sylvan’s greatest wish is to one day sled off our roof. We didn’t make it there with this storm (plus this was only day 1) and I’m thinking he may have to relocate to Russia or Norway for that kind of rugged fun. But he made a pile of snow under a tree and fell out of the tree onto the pile. No broken limbs!



Cozy eating/cooking was provided by recipes from the blog, Dinner: A Love Story, and I am coveting the book. This is my kind of blog writing: funny and fun, the right non-dogmatic attitude, and great recipes. I like it that this is one family’s way of connection, over food at dinner. We’ve had homemade franks and beans (I used the crockpot!), shrimp tacos (yay Maine shrimp!), and kale avocado salad (you can’t go wrong with pickled onions!). But this lunch-making contract is hilarious reading.


It was my birthday this week: I’m 38. Lots of special surprises and beautiful cards, a yummy dinner out with Mr. Crafty, and family snuggle time. Perfect.

2 thoughts on “did you hear about the snow?

  1. Iris ~ You certainly got your fair share of the blizzard. And what a beauty it was! The rain forecast tomorrow surely puts a major (ahem) damper on the whole thing. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Love your window decorations, which I sense you made. ♥

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