~all of it~


The Sallah Cowl, finished, is the perfect bright thing to snuggle my neck. I love its stretchiness. And when the heat circulator wasn’t working for two weeks in the library (and I wore my snowpants and down vest at work), it was awesome because I could pull it up so it covered my nose. I was a brightly colored, wooly, down-puffed bandit librarian.


4th grade diorama time! Sylvan chose the fox because it pounces. So perfect that the motion boy would choose an animal for its motor abilities. Of course that was what he wanted to depict also. A real tree, wool roving for snow, wax-covered blue stream with real mud banks, and mama and baby fox made of modeling beeswax. This is also how the forest looks right now, misty and melty.


I’m writing lots on my e-portfolio for my masters degree. It’s a lot of writing in addition to my full-time job and full-time family. I have one-day weekends and I don’t like to drive anywhere or do anything outside my house on my one day off, which is for laundry and housecleaning and cooking. If you’re my friend, you are not seeing much of me and I probably did not get you a birthday present yet. It’s a lot to be trying to sell our house and cleaning it, cleaning it, cleaning it all the time for maybe-buyers who sometimes don’t even show or change their minds at the last minute. It’s a lot to not really know anything about where we’ll be living next year or what Mr. Crafty will be doing for work. Nothing is settled and that’s discouraging and exhausting. Going to work with 300 14- and 15-year olds is relaxing and predictable by contrast; so, continued hooray for having work I love to do.

And I know this is all part of the process blah blah blah, and mostly I can pretend that it’sOK with me, but really it’s not. I really actually can’t stand this amount of uncertainty.


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