Some Big Things Happened: 2


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I am not able to do anything but keep all my text centered, which really bothers me. If you can stand it, keep reading.


Sylvan was a smoldering Baldur and a mischievous Loki in his class play. Here we see Baldur’s smolder in full effect.

My favorite part of the play was when Loki’s mouth was sewn shut but Sylvan was still able to prompt his classmate for her missed cue.

SONY DSCOf course there was more beauty to share from the Graduation party last night. The gardens are just incredible right now.
Mr. Handsome has been getting friendly with YouTube videos showing how to tie fancy ties.

This one is the Eldridge, which I always forget.


And Miss E. made her graduation dress from some dupioni silk and a rainbow crinoline.

As recently as Wednesday, she was giving us a fashion show via Facetime of the dress she had picked out to wear, which was nice, but sort of classic and graduation-ish.

A bit of a surprise, but she totally could have rocked it.

Below is the sassy little number she just sewed up in a day or so… Perfect.


SONY DSC ~favorite~


Did you know Mr. Handsome is also Mr. Crafty Jr.? He sewed a vest for his culminating handwork project: linen with a lovely lining.

He wore it for the Spring Assembly, at which our 8th graders mostly just got to sit, sing one song, and be serenaded by the 6th grade. But Mr. Handsome, with his signature style, was sporting his super new vest and yet another awesome tie.


~speaking of sassy~

SONY DSC~the trinity tie, new family fave~


Oh look, WordPress has decided to cooperate. Charming, I can write left-justified again.

The hardest part of being a mom is seeing my boy suffer. I want to fix it, whatever it is. Sylvan faced some of his own demons this spring out on the Little League field, being a ten year-old out there with those mammoth, fast-throwing twelve year-olds. We had some tearful car-rides to the ball park. Somehow it wasn’t fun anymore and that was what broke my heart the most, seeing my Motion Boy lose his love of the game. I wondered how to be the best parent and how to make the right decision, how to support Sylvan, should he quit or stay, should I push or hold back. He was afraid of being hit by a wild pitch and watching his fear paralyze him was tough. I finally told him that it would be OK to quit. Magically, just a few innings after our painful conversation in the car, he was skipping onto the field, high-fiving his team, and ready to play. After that, everything was OK for him, I think because he felt ownership in having made his own choice to work through it. His nickname in the dugout is the Cheerleader: he is a positive player and a good team mate. He’s gained more confidence and skill this year and really likes the guys he plays with; he’s learned a lot.

This week, in Sylvan’s first playoff game, he got his very first hit of the season: an RBI single. He stole to second, got hit to third, and scored. More than that, he started a rally for his team and they ended up with 8 runs in one inning! This would have been enough: a strong hit when his team needed it most! (I squeak a lot and hop up and down at games. Sometimes the excitement is too much for me!) But in addition, after the game he was awarded the Game Ball by his coaches. Sylvan’s smile (and mine) were probably visible from space. He worked so hard to get to that moment.

I will hold that moment and that smile in my heart forever.


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