Your typical action shot of Jonas, above.

(The action is the page-turning, btw).


And then there was this, above, part of the amazing day at the beach we had yesterday with friends. This was the long-jump competition part of Field Day, but he also was a strong contender in the 29.7 second race, even passing his dad! Apparently just because you don’t like to be athletic, doesn’t mean you aren’t.
But wait. Let me back up. We were invited to spend the day with some very good friends from out-of-state who were in Maine with their extended family, and who had rented two houses on the beach. We went for the day yesterday and might possibly have already had the quintessential day of summer, even before its official start, with a bunch of super fun, silly, relaxed, energetic and totally awesome/sweet people of all ages. 

It might also have been Sylvan’s idea of Best Day Ever because there was always someone to do something sporty with and he didn’t stop moving all day. It was actually Field Day, with organized events for teams (digging a big hole in 3 minutes, pushing a ball across the sand with your nose on your hands and knees, frisbee accuracy toss, soccer dribbling, Jenga stacking, goal-kicking, etc.), but then there were also the spontaneous moments that arose, such as the cartwheel duo, above (Mr. Crafty in the background), or playing push hands or a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee or Bocce.


Above is the game of Ninja, which is hard to make it look like anything interesting with still photographs, but was pretty fun to watch. And play.


Sand sculpting was also impromptu, when Jonas started to shovel sand on Mr. Crafty (permission was sort of implied, if not formally given, see Jonas’s book title in the first photo), and quickly there were many hands making light work of creating a stunning Man-Eating Snake. That’s my man being eaten!

SONY DSC ~yum~
It was a day that went on and on. We created quantities of food with what we had on hand (and a lot of hands on deck), sipped Rosemary Lemonade and seltzer on the beach, ate S’Mores as appetizers and pie before salad. We felt honored to be included in the organized chaos. Not to mention the Field Day! And we left later than we meant to…
It was dark by the time we could extract Sylvan from one last game of BS and the wood frogs were chirping. I left with sandy toes and the sound of the ocean in my ears.


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