monhegan island: 1

~prepping the rosemary lemonade~
We came back for more. Last year we took a break, but it was time to come back. We stayed with my parents at The Island Inn, in the lovely Pierce Cottage for two nights. It has been foggy and rainy. But the island is amazing in any weather. The gray and white of stones and sky were amazing backdrops for the colorful flowers and greens.

SONY DSCSo my packing was an epic fail. Picture it: I was getting packed for the trip when it was 85 degrees and dripping with humidity. Jeans? Are you crazy? Wool socks? Fageddaboutit. It was totally unlike me, who usually packs sensibly with wool hats and mitts in summer, not to mention sweaters. I put in my raincoat as an afterthought. So I pretty much wore the same clothes every day, not very cute, no sweet little skirts, just trying to stay warm and dry.

I know better, danggit!
SONY DSCNote to self: No matter how much your people make fun of you, pack EVERYTHING ANYWAY. YOU MAY NOT NEED IT AND THAT’S TOTALLY OK.

Remember how much you hate being cold.SONY DSC~this is what brotherly love looks like sometimes~

We recently had a discussion: not everyone enjoys heated debates. Yes, they are sometimes necessary to sort important issues out, for example family rules and criteria for who sits in the front passenger seat. No, you cannot demand rational argumentation from your 10 year-old brother. Yes, Sylvan should always have recourse to say “I’m not able to talk about this with you right now.” Yes, everyone should be able to leave the debate with their dignity. No, it isn’t acceptable to box anyone (or yourself) into a corner. You can’t change who you are or who someone else is: some people like sports, some people read Law 101 on the beach.SONY DSC
Love that rusty old shipwreck. It was apparently a tug boat. It seemed like it would just crumble under you, but not just yet.SONY DSC
You’ll see more of these RedPants in the next post. They took a place of prominence on our trip.

We brought our own, brand-new set of Jenga blocks and played some good games when the showers moved through or we were done with hiking for the day. Even in the rain and mist and fog, this island feels so far away from everything. Time is slower. There’s so much freedom and beauty everywhere. We made it a device-free trip (except Mr. Crafty needed access to his iPad a couple of times). We sat around reading. Talking. Sharing ideas.SONY DSC~picture by Jonas~


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