monhegan island: 2

~best wheelbarrow in town~

We did promise more of those fab RedPants. They were $15 on sale and fit Mr. French Model like a dream.

These chairs and this porch at the Island Inn are what keep us coming back. You could hear the little goats bleating on Manana Island, that little one across the harbor.
SONY DSC~oh my gosh! that moss!~
SONY DSC SONY DSCYou remember the fairy houses, of course, from our adventures past (read them here). It is with wistfulness that I report that this year was the first that the boys did not accompany us to Cathedral Woods, where all the fairy houses are built. So. They didn’t build any. But here are a few stand-outs from the lovely, moist walk that I took with my stepmom, built by other creative small hands. (Notice the gummy fish in the photo above?)
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC  The three photos, above, were taken by Mr. French Model himself, aka Jonas. He has a great eye, doesn’t he?SONY DSC~RedPants crucifixion~


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