thoroughly despicable


SONY DSC The Motion Boy turned 11 today. 
We celebrated with a bunch of really wonderful folks. Conforza shares a birthday with Motion Boy! In fact, at the moment when she and her family were driving back into town from living far away, Sylvan was just being born. At dawn, on their shared birthday. They have celebrated together for several years now.
SONY DSCThey are both creative folks with a love of the Minions from Despicable Me. Sylvan made Conforza a card, at left, and Conforza made him his very own needle-felted minion, Tim.I think they were both delighted.

SONY DSC ~best jumping shot of the day~SONY DSC~but this is a classy one too~
SONY DSC ~armed. ready.~
SONY DSCThe iCycle Bicycle was there! There will be a future post, solely devoted to Miss E. and her creation: pedal-powered ice cream, stationary or free, so you can exercise and then eat fresh, homemade ice cream. That is my kind of exercise. There was mint, requested by Sylvan, made from freshly-infused mint from Miss E’s garden. And lemon cloud, requested by Conforza.
A lovely bathing cap, below, was made by Miss E., for Conforza, a la Esther Williams. Conforza totally rocks this look!

~snuggling with Tim in the hammock~
SONY DSC SONY DSCTim has his own home now, lovingly created by Sylvan when we got home last night. A little bed, his own night light, and of course a unicorn collage, for his viewing pleasure.
~Appliqued pillowcase by Miss E. for Motion Boy~

Here was the order of the afternoon: eat, swim, repeat. Laughter can be mixed in whenever.


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