~time away~


This has been a summer of many adventures for us, not always together. Which is fine, because we usually see a lot of each other. Sylvan has had two weeks of adventuring in Kentucky with his Bumpa. He also spent a week at Ultimate Frisbee camp in MA.  Jonas has two weeks of “dancing robot” camp with NuVu Studio.


Jonas, Mr. Crafty and me, plus our dear friend Ryan went to Baxter State Park for two days this week. The three gents summited Mt. Katahdin, our tallest Maine mountain, on a beautiful, perfect day for hiking. I stayed in our sweet little cabin on the lake, had a quiet, leisurely breakfast (reading School Library Journal and picking out new titles for fall ordering). There was a Northern Flicker to watch also.


I rented a kayak and took a three-hour paddle, looking for moose (didn’t see any) and watching/listening to birds, up a little brook to the side of Millinocket Lake. The brilliant thing was being alone and setting my own pace, deciding to just float and listen to the wood thrushes sing to each other until they stopped, or paddle hard across a windier spot, or stop and try to discern whether the huge hunting bird of prey was an immature bald eagle. Nobody’s agenda but my own. The weather was just so darn perfect: warm and dry and breezy and just lovely and comfortable. THE WAY SUMMER SHOULD BE IN MAINE.
SONY DSCI would look up to the big mountain and see the clouds rolling over the summit and wonder where on that big rocky thing my three people were at that moment. Turns out, no surprise, these gents surpassed the average hiking time and cruised past the campers and dilly-dalliers, and they missed out on any clouds and precipitation.

~all these pictures of the mountain are by Mr. Crafty and Mr. Handsome~



~this is the back yard of our cabin~
SONY DSCAnd here is how you look after you hike all day, then take a shower, and change your clothes:

ready to flop on the couch.


One thought on “~time away~

  1. These pictures are all so beautiful. I especially love the first one with the rock surrounded by rippling water and reflecting a pink sky – and then Jonas relaxing in the same cabin Sylvan and I stayed in a couple of years ago…

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