iCycle Bicycle

SONY DSCiCycle Bicycle Maine is here! You know this girl already, if you are a regular: she is the inimitable Miss E., also known as Ella Simon. She is a maker/sewist whom you may remember from this post here: 101 and 1 Bedsheets.


SONY DSCThis girl knew nothing of bikes or welding or mechanics when she decided to create the iCycle Bicycle, a pedal-powered ice cream maker (stationary or mobile), for her 8th grade project at Ashwood Waldorf School. True story, I am already a big fan and lucky that she and Jonas have been buddies since they were tiny, giggling little twinkling people who made lots of movies together.

SONY DSCNow they are big twinkly people, still creating amazing things for the world.
SONY DSCWait. Let me say that again, with more emphasis: She knew nothing of bikes or welding or mechanics! I think she knew that she liked homemade ice cream, but that was the scope of her experience going into the project. And when she went to the bike store to talk to the bike dudes about her vision for the iB, they basically pooh-poohed her idea. Pfffffft. Good thing Ella moved right on to a couple of great mentors who helped her manifest this vision.
SONY DSC SONY DSCThe process is surprisingly quick, under the right conditions: 10-15 minutes of pedaling and it’s ice cream time! If you’re pedaling with your pals, or just pedaling the stationary bike while hanging out with friends, the time goes by even quicker.
SONY DSC Recently sampled flavors: fresh garden mint chip, strawberry rhubarb, and lemon cloud. Ella uses excellent ingredients for her ice cream, including local and organic ingredients when possible, and fresh eggs from her chickens!

~this is exercise as it is meant to be: exertion followed by commensurate reward!~

SONY DSCIn other news: Ella was invited to be a vendor at the Midcoast Mini Maker Fair this September 7th. Could be a great way to meet the iB in person, if you are local to Midcoast Maine (Camden).


The iCycle Bicycle does parties, birthdays, and events! Contact Ella via the iCycle Bicycle Facebook page to plan your visit from the iCycle Bicycle!


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    1. Thanks, Olga Z., I’d be delighted! You could also link back to the post if that would help. We’re looking forward to the event. Thanks for bringing this type of innovative programming to the midcoast. Cheers!

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