~in between~


It’s a really nice place to rest.  We may not be settled into our next forever home, but this is pretty lovely. Seeing sunrises is an occupational hazard when you’re a high school teacher. Except now, until Daylight Savings, we’re leaving the house before sunrise.


Really interesting variety of stones on this beach, leading us to believe this might be the dumping ground of a previous glacier..  Some bright white, some pink and green, some with funny zippity bits of vertical lines (almost like rice grains but longer), some with sparkles. So we get to take walks amidst all this beauty.

We also do fun fall things like pick apples at our favorite local, almost-organic orchard. We have to import adorable small people, for the sake of the photographer. Here’s our friend A., whom I have known since she was born (literally!), with that difficult problem of how to simultaneously hold the apple you’re eating, the very heavy apple bag (that holds all four of the apples you already picked), and the apple you just pulled off the tree.

And we still spend time drawing and doing homework. Sylvan has the most adorable way of pooching out his lower lip while he draws. You can just see it in the second picture. It makes my heart hurt to look at it.




Someone took our picture. And we look adorable in our matching owl sweatshirts!

I just finished a book that made me immediately wistful when I finished it: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Some Facebook friends suggested we could call that phenomenon “booklorn” or “bookreft”—the moment when you come to the end of a book and feel like you were just dumped in the worst way, in that you were not at all over with the relationship you made with the characters, and suddenly the author has decided you are done.

In fact, I made Jonas read it immediately, as soon as I finished. I got to watch his face while he read it, a smile hovering on the edge of his mouth with just a hint of twinkle. And I felt so blessed. Blessed that my busy high school boy can still be persuaded to read a book recommended by his mom and personal librarian. Blessed to share a really great book with this smart and funny person (my own child!), and doubly blessed to watch him enjoy it as I had. He called me when he finished, bookreft as I had been.

{Wait. Can I repeat that? My 14 year-old son called me when he finished his book to talk about it. I feel like I’m bragging a little bit here.}

Jonas said it was “not as good as The Fault in Our Stars [his favorite book], but better than Looking for Alaska,” both by John Green, one of our all-time favorite authors. High praise indeed.


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