catching the festive spirit


The sunrises are happening after we leave for work now. But this was a few weeks ago.

And now, for a couple of action shots:
SONY DSC SONY DSCWe had Thanksgiving and the first night of Hannukah, and since it was the only night we were celebrating with some friends from afar, we went ahead and had a ceremonial lighting of all of the candles. In the picture below, you may notice a reference to the opening credits of Downton Abbey.
And dear Joanie, so talented in so many ways, was working on another amazing gingerbread house, to be raffled in support of her local library! It has window boxes, friends, that will be filled with “snow” and cedar greens (dipped in beeswax to seal the color) and red hots.
Of course it was designed to have a tiny candle inside it, to light up the candy-glass windows. And the gnomes would be in the sleigh, pulled by reindeer (including Rudolph).
SONY DSCAs we set the holiday table for Thanksgiving, I caught this picture of Jonas looking 25.
SONY DSCWe are under mountains of snow now, two big northeastern storms within a week have left us with maybe 2-3″ of snow! It’s very festive. And we have a snow day today with a long list of work and play activities, cleaning and preparing for family’s arrival, wrapping presents, maybe some cribbage and knitting, and possibly reading. And a few extra teenagers around, just to keep things fun.

More posts to follow. Promise!


One thought on “catching the festive spirit

  1. Hi Iris,

    The leaf that you so artfully photographed above is still stuck upright on our deck after 2 snow storms!! But the light and shadow are not nearly as good as in your photo,

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