what we did on our snow day

SONY DSC~this is the To Do List for our snow day~
SONY DSC~it seems we are the teenage hang-out house~

Which is great! I love these awesome young people. They are so good and fun and fun to be with and sweet with each other. Growing up, my house was never the hang-out spot, but Jake’s house was. I think my house was too precious and we lived too far out, and I just never felt like I could bring home bunches of teenagers who would possibly be loud or disruptive or messy.
SONY DSC So, I am learning how to do this! And liking it! I’m thinking a lot lately about the moms at the hang-out houses of my past, particularly Molly and Nancy (my mother-in-law) who somehow  always rolled with the flow of gangly, loud, awkward teenagers, who fed everyone and made everyone feel so welcome.
Oh my gosh, are you seeing this snow? For real! Like up to my knees—walking is like wading through heavy water. Super leg work-out! We grown-ups took a walk and left the teenagers to watch Elf.
SONY DSCA bread loaf of snow on the picnic table! And the beautiful, sparkling winter beach.
It was actually a little weird to step off the snow pack and onto the rocks.
The snow made for easy sitting places and the warm sun felt terrific. 20 degrees feels balmy! Thanks Snow Gods! We needed this day!


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