SONY DSC SONY DSCI think the angel was tired. See how she’s taking a little bit of a lie-down up there? Also, someone tells me that The Christmas Pickle ornament was hidden in a rather indelicate place this year (UNDER HER SKIRT!). Naughty and shocking!
SONY DSCThe perfect Christmas Eve present for Sylvan was this 3D model of Fenway park, the best occupier for an excited 11 year-old you could imagine. Thanks to Bumpa W!SONY DSCThe stockings were hung by the chimney with care and Tim and Kevin were snuggled in their little beds, awaiting Santa. They brought their toilet, books, and tiny table too.

~Christmas morning light/self-portrait (above)~
Check out the sparkles on those trees: true tinsel made of tinkling ice.

{You may have heard about all the very many people without power in Maine over this holiday.}
~sorry if you’re saying: enough with the cinnamon bun pictures! because I’m just waiting for the internet to be able to transfer aromas~
~Mr. Handsome got cufflinks and shirts to go with them and discovered the joys of crossword puzzles~
SONY DSCWe had these TINY MINCE PIES for Christmas dinner which have made a mince-eater of me.They were so delish and I want to have my own tiny mince pie tin for baking them, similar to a muffin tin, but rounded. Totes adorbes!


SONY DSCTim and Kevin and Sylvan received Despicable Me 2 and we had to view it, natch. They also hung their own stockings (which were filled), and both received Santa hats, as well as the French Maid Costume (Kev) and the Baby Costume (Tim). 
I saw these cute teenage boy feet in their festive socks under the dinner table. 
And here are some sweet teenagers reading aloud to each other from an amazing book, deceptively charming as they are not arguing for the sake of arguing, not complaining about the music not being LOUD ENOUGH while the rest of us want to converse at a normal pitch, not glued to any device but one with pages. I guess I can forgive them for the other stuff.


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