~sneak peek~

SONY DSC ~last week’s storm blowing out~

This is my latest project, the February Lady sweater from Ravelry, since I am both a February Lady and a “grown-ass woman,” as the pattern specifies. And because I am me, I underestimated the size of my (apparently) Larger-Than-Normal shoulders and had to rip out the whole yoke a couple of weekends ago and start again. Do you recognize the heather gray yarn? The very same exact yarn in which I knit Mr. Crafty’s EZ Seamless Hybrid sweater a few years ago, from Webs.

Who would believe I would return to boring old heather gray?! But I loved how, when I consulted the Ravelry Yarns tab (new favorite crowdsourcing feature!), the February Lady looks when knit up in a cozy gray. It sets off the gull lace pattern so nicely. And I know already that the yarn holds up after wearing it—no pills!

SONY DSCAnd the thing about knitting even a simple lace pattern like this one is that it’s necessary to learn the topography of the pattern, by observing the landmarks and paying careful attention. So that eventually I can look at the knitting in front of me and know what I am seeing, like reading a map, and know what to do. And I can tell when I have made a mistake, so that I can tink it out (TINK is KNIT backwards). Yet again.
SONY DSC Here are a few sneak peeks at our new land in Hope! We were out working on it for a few hours this weekend, clearing out some of the smaller little trees you see above, on the part that will soon have our house, driveway, and yard on it. It was a team effort, we were all out there. Today was very very cold and crisp.

~this little stream runs below and behind where our house will be~

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC~I guess we can take down the snowy realtor’s sign!~

I’m reading Smilla’s Sense of Snow. Stieg Larsson fans (of which I am not), dust off this old book from the 90s! Clearly an inspiration to the current popularity of dark, Scandi-thriller-lit. I mean do you know anything about Greenland? Neither did I, but the it’s the usual story: a country with lots of natural resources gets overtaken by a European country (Denmark) which takes advantage of the native Inuit culture and takes all of their resources too. The writing is so unusual; the protagonist, Greenlandic-Danish Smilla, is totally unusual and unexpected. She wears seal-skin pants (!) and hops around on ice flows and can read the snow. Seriously. She READS the snow. So that’s what I’m reading and am surprised to be enjoying it.

In other Scandinavian news: Norway‘s National Library has figured out how to digitize currently in copyright books, pay the copyright-holders and authors, and you know, make culture available equitably. Sigh. Those darned Scandinavians, at it again, making the rest of us look like complete tools. All this AND gun control, universal healthcare, and access to higher education? The mind boggles.


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