all this love


~most hateful of all squashes, kubocha, makes a great lantern~

Being a February Birthday Girl and Valentine’s Day means so much love here! Above, the hedgehog lantern was made by a friend who knows how much I hate to eat it (waxy, starchy, bland), so she decided to transform it into a lovely hedge birthday lantern for me. So many thoughtful gifts and cards and well-wishes from friends and family near and far.

~Valentine garland from a dear crafty friend~

I like Valentine’s Day a lot. I never got over the enjoyment of making Valentines for people, loved ones near and far, friends, now also my students. One of my early memories is making potato print Valentines with my mom: I can see us at the little table with the heart-shaped potatoes and red stamp pad, in a patch of sunlight from the window.

SONY DSC~birthday bouquet from friends~


Somehow my boys turned out to be curmudgeons about it. They rebel against the idea that they are/were “forced” to make Valentines for all of their classmates, even the ones they would prefer not to. Like some sort of enforced gulag Valentines crafting assembly line for indentured child workers. Sigh. Sylvan revolted this year, since the rule is you make them for everyone or no-one. So he opted for the latter.


Since they are good boys and they know I love Valentine’s Day so much, they did make a very good effort for me. A special breakfast, flowers (below), chocolates, a card. It was a snow day, also—an extra day of vacation!

I feel so lucky because yesterday had so many other nice things in it. We went for a XC-ski with friends, my first time out this snowy winter (since my ski boots were hidden in storage), on a local lake with snowy windy squalls blowing by and a view of the glittering Camden Hills. Then a restorative yoga class: totally floor-based, holding deep stretches for longer periods, targeting the connective tissue in our joints. Wow, was that amazing. The weekend before my birthday I had a back injury {just picking up a small stick in the wrong way} and it inspired me to make a commitment to do more with my body this year. I think it is going to be the year of yoga for me—we are so lucky to have a wealth of instructors around.

So grateful. And feeling the love.


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