~sweater story~

~February Lady sweater is finished~

You may remember my winter sweater project from this post. And now I am done! I LOVED loved L O V E D making this sweater. A feature I particularly enjoyed was the gull-lace pattern which is so pretty but easy to memorize. AND, friends, this is what is most essential for me as a knitter, it was easy to learn the visual map of the pattern: the ability for me to “see” where I was in the pattern, even if I had to set it down briefly. There is nothing more annoying than a pattern for which you have to pay attention every moment to know where you are in it. That is not my life.

SONY DSCSONY DSCEvery sweater I knit has a story. This sweater was begun when we were still envisioning our home, creating our house design, figuring out whether we could actually DO this project. Now our house is being built (R40 walls, people!), we are working on the site, and things are really moving forward. This sweater feels tied to this concept of collaboration, creation, manifestation of a vision.

There are a lot of deer in our new neighborhood, a herd of maybe 20 big ones and little ones. So these antler buttons seemed like the perfect choice, from the very nice people at The Cashmere Goat. Misty was especially sweet (always!) and she even helped me find some great sale yarn for a few smaller projects. 

So it’s March, the ugliest time of the whole year. Gray and muddy and cold and nasty. These are some of the process pictures of our site. They are not pretty.

I mean, the excavator is pretty, if you’re into that sort of thing. Our team has been very hard at work on the site and it is pretty amazing to see how far it has come.

SONY DSCThese two old oaks with the blue ribbons will definitely stay. They are lovely guardians.

And because some of you like to know my favorite books, here is a little visual.


2 thoughts on “~sweater story~

  1. I’m the same way too! I love a pattern that’s easy to ‘see’ so I can set it down and later pick it up knowing exactly where I am by looking a few rows below.

    Lovely sweater! The all over gullwing looks amazing.

  2. I liked the threads which pulled lose – (unseen here) – some singer dude once said, there is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.

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