~a little bragging~

SONY DSCThe talent is really all around us in a whirling maelstrom: superstar math teachers, superstar athletes, superstar academics (who can tell you the line of succession in the event our prez and veep both are out of the game), superstar artists, superstar writers. It’s just a lot of talent. All the time.


~all days should begin with cuddling in rosy light~

And now THIS: My mom is a published poet! A children’s author!! I am reading her reviews in the online and print review sources I consult for my library! We were recently with her for the launch of her book, Miss Emily, a middle grade reader and poetic narrative about Emily Dickinson. 
Emily wasn’t the weirdo recluse we might imagine. (She actually hated that awful picture of herself, this one; wouldn’t you?) Emily Dickinson was the beloved adult and auntie to the children in her neighborhood, that special adult who listens and appreciates us as children and young adults, the one who really sees us as people. That’s what this book is about: a whimsical adventure with that special wordsmith who hears that the circus is coming to town…
SONY DSCSONY DSCMy mom gave a wonderful reading and a slideshow of what the circus would have looked like back then. She’s a kindergarten teacher, so she knows how to work a crowd (and it was a big crowd, 20 kids, 50 adults!) and she was sensitive to the pacing and timing that a mixed audience requires.

SONY DSCThen there was a surprise visit from a librarian and actress, Amy Anaya, who does a one-woman Emily Dickinson show! She fully embodied the playful spirit that shines through the Emily in the book, while using Emily’s own words and letters in an interactive and engaging performance that was punctuated with giggles from the audience (old and young).

SONY DSC SONY DSCSo proud of her! And a testament that dreams really do come true. You can find my mom’s author website here and her Facebook fan page here.


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