Hello: Briefly

SONY DSC ~oh look: a picture of Motion Boy~

We had Little League season: lots of games and lots of busy nights and strange, quick dinners. A great season for Sylvan: new team, coaches and teammates, all awesome. A recap of one of the championship games is here, but the best part was this quote: “Leading the charge for the Lynx on the offensive side, Sylvan Eichenbach (sic) smashed a triple…” For the non-hitter, scared ten year-old from last year to this! Wow. So proud of how far he has come and his solid effort. To see him on third base, hopping up and down, pounding his chest in triumph, well, let’s just say I was glad I was wearing my sunglasses so no one could be embarrassed by my leaky eyes.

Um, and then the next day after this stellar game he was at Fenway Park, seeing the Red Sox, and Dustin Pedroia came over and signed his homemade sign during warm-ups! Of all the people waving signs, Sylvan’s hero noticed the one he was holding and they were face to face. Sylvan’s roller coaster only goes up!
SONY DSCBesides for all that, we all finished our school years here. Some people received awards for “English Language Lover” and Latin Scholar. Sylvan sang beautifully at his assembly and came home with a gorgeous Main Lesson Book, filled with so many intricate drawings and compositions.

And, because we in this family like to say “Why not make several large life changes at once?” I have a new job for the fall: Technology Integrator at the same high school where Jonas attends! Here’s what it means: I will be doing half of the job I did at my previous job, the teaching technology part, the creative solutions part, working with teachers and students, presenting to parents, and the very librarian-ish part of finding resources/solutions to support the teaching and learning that people are doing. Except there are no books with this new job, which does make me a wee bit wistful. It was a hard decision to leave a job I loved, but this new job will be an exciting adventure! And thankfully, I will still have a carpool buddy.

SONY DSC ~this color is called Peaceful Night~

SONY DSC~oh my gosh, I exist digitally!~

So the big thing now is our house. Full time, full throttle, every day. The boys are shipped off, having fun adventures with their grandparents, and we have the house! It is thrilling! It comes with the option of lovely lunchtime swimming at a nearby pond, which I did yesterday. Painting was all day today and yesterday. This room is in Ben Moore’s Marscapone, which is a warmish white but not too yellow. It will be all over the upstairs because I wanted to see a neutral white while I get to know the light in the house.

SONY DSC~our bedroom~

SONY DSC ~Jonas’s room~

This is the tall side of the house, the first one to be sided. Peaceful Night down below and up top at the gable, plus bleach oiled shingles. More sides to come…

So I am going to bed by 8pm most nights and up early for more work. Reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt, which is horrifying and captivating at the same time.