Light, etc.

SONY DSCIt’s not all as beautiful as these rainbow-arranged extension cords and tubes in our builder’s trailer. (I don’t even think our awesome team of workers noticed how awesome this was.) Below, behold the first finished bedroom, bamboo floors with whitewashed trim. Notice the outlet covers are even installed. Do you think, collectively, we could all get on board with loving nail holes UNFILLED? Like it’s a hole, let’s embrace its true nature as a void created by a nail, and not hide it with wood putty! People! Nail Hole Acceptance NOW! SONY DSCSONY DSC Anyway, I am somewhat of an unskilled laborer, so I’ve been filling a lot of nail holes. And I whitewash all the trim. I’m a decent painter, and I prefer to cut in all day until my hand cramps, but I hate rolling. I am only OK at flooring: usually it ends in frustration as soon as I fail to hit the damn floor stapler hard enough. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

~the main level is hickory, lots of variation~

I can also install baseboard trim. Jonas and I have a motto for our approach: we measure twice and we like to cut 5 or 6 times. And especially if we are cutting the 45 degree angle for the corners, because usually we’d need to cut it the wrong way first, at least once but often twice. I got smart and started drawing myself a little diagram for the angle cuts, because the boards were already stained which resulted in a right side and wrong side, just complicating things a little bit. It was probably a great brain gym for me, but I frequently still feel like an idiot while doing it. SONY DSC These little still lives are the type of thing you find around here. Everywhere. Pencils, of course, are like gold. Jonas hoards them in his pockets without realizing it. And then I find them in the wash and stash them away.

SONY DSC Speaking of the wash, LOOK WHO JUST ARRIVED TWO DAYS AGO. My new favorite best friends. I will be installing a little stool upon which to sit and admire their prowess while they are washing and drying. It’s amazing. And I think they need names. Anyone have suggestions? The local laundromat (Clean Bee) is stellar, really nice and clean, fast and friendly and with WiFi. But I am pretty psyched to have home laundry once again.

SONY DSC ~our little kitchenette on the GL (garden level, grandparent level)~

SONY DSC This morning was my first in my new bedroom, a lovely summer morning. It’s pretty incredible to get to know this new space, like how you get to know your newborn. It is truly an awe-inspiring and exhausting lot of work, but there is also a lot of love. (And I get to sleep through the night!) I like learning the different way the house looks in different light, morning, afternoon, with the moon or without. Even on the hottest days, we get the most amazing breeze from the trees outside that you can see in the photo above. SONY DSC SONY DSC Between 3-5 pm we hear thrushes talking to each other. What kind of thrushes I am not sure, but their song is magic. At night, I can hear loons off of the lake. This was a surprise as we are not on the water, but across the street and up the hill.

And by love, I mean that we are putting our love into the work here. But we are also on the receiving end of a lot (it rhymes as truckload) of loving help. Friends who bring over tea, or plates and silverware (because we are still digging out of storage…), spend a day with us painting when it is terrible, hot, sweaty weather, help us lay out the pattern of flooring with the hickory so that the darks flow into the lights (this took a full day), help with tiling our bathrooms, installing the toilet, the loan of essential tools, designing/creating a bathroom vanity, installing cabinetry, moving the earth to create our site, installing the FLOORING!, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes it was simply a perfectly timed visit from a friend that would necessitate a break and boost our spirits. SONY DSC Above is the afternoon light in what will be our office and piano room.

This photo below is a slice of cheek that I know very well. And it is strangely familiar because it is very like my own sideways view. SONY DSC