every day, progress

SONY DSCMr. Crafty made a beautiful stained glass geometric lamp for our new home. The term for this form is… wait, hold on while I ask him again…

…”a great dodecahedron compound.

Per his correction, below… “a dodecahedron, great-dodecahedron compound.” Because he is a math geek and artistic like that. It is so beautiful that I will probably flood this blog with many pictures of it and its amazing shadows.
SONY DSC The lamp will hang over our dining room table. Above, you can see our wood stove, a Rais, which was a score on Craigslist. It has a little bun oven up top, with soapstone inserts, and a cute place to store some wood below. The stove is slowly making its lumbering way towards its final resting place in our home. It’s pretty close now.
SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSCThe mudroom is “porpoise” gray, a California color in a Ben Moore Natura eggshell base, if you are a paint geek. The white in our main living space is Ben Moore Simply White.
SONY DSCLook at this amazing bed and desk combo designed and created by my dad, Jake and Sylvan, for Sylvan’s room! So beautiful and functional, for the boy who always has lots of projects going. Lots of details and a lovely finished product.
SONY DSC SONY DSCThese two photos, above, are of our downstairs, Garden/Grandparent Level (GL) bathroom. Currently it’s our only full bath, with shower, sink, and toilet. And now this very nice hand towel holder.
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCToday we had a fantastic sojourn away from our all-consuming house project. Like getting a day away from the very demanding but wonderful baby! It was the annual lakeside celebration of two birthday buddies whom you may remember from previous years. It was the usual mix of hammock snuggling, gorgeous and talented (NICE, too)  young people, delicious food and company, and this year: waterskiing! Sylvan, on his very first time out, got up on the skis! (Perfectly imaginable if you are familiar with Motion Boy, the Natural Athlete.) I got a great video of him on his first run, but I was enjoying the moment when he got up on the skis and not looking at my camera display, so for the first few seconds you get a really fantastic view of the wake of the boat.

In case you are wondering, there are actually two copies of The Time Traveler’s Wife in the picture in the hammock, and yes, someone is reading aloud from it. It is one of my favorite things, to see some of my most favorite books make the rounds between these beloved young people.


2 thoughts on “every day, progress

  1. actually it is a dodecahedron, great-dodecahedron compound. That is two three-dimensional shapes married together.
    ~ Mr Crafty

  2. The photos capture many details that all of you have been producing in your various tasks: the flooring looks like flowing artwork and was a big team effort, and Mr. Crafty’s lamp is a superb piece of art!! You all work as a cooperative team with AMAZING results that you will enjoy every day. That party looks like a perfect summer celebration!! Bravo for Motion Boy getting up on water skis on his first run!! Add another sport to his list.

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