SONY DSCI don’t usually have much to show you during the week because there is just not enough time. And it’s OK. It is so OK. So on the weekend is when I get to breathe a little bit. Remember to take pictures. Breathe a little bit more.
SONY DSCTake, for example, last Wednesday. I finished work, dropped Jonas off at rowing, then raced home to start prepping that night’s soup. Cut up the veggies, a bit manically, threw them in a pot. Did the breakfast dishes. At which point Jake got home with Sylvan, who immediately went to get ready for soccer. I handed off the responsibility of soup-cooking to Jake, who was coming later to the game because the bank inspector was coming. And he had to also cut up all the oranges for half time. And deliver them to us at the game and catch the last half.
SONY DSCSo. I got Sylvan and his teammate, with whom we carpool, to the game across town so they could warm up.

And then I took a breath.

And I realized I had a half hour before the game started… I could take a walk! And take more breaths! It was a Wednesday and ~shocker~ I was getting to do something to take care of myself.
SONY DSCIt was a beautiful autumn afternoon, just a little chilly in the shade, but very golden and beautiful in the sun. I was walking along a road I used to drive down quite a lot, a little hilly, not too many cars. There is a property along that road that I have admired from the car: meticulously cared for, a beautiful barn and pond, a couple of beautiful houses. And the most amazing stone walls I have ever seen. Anywhere.

SONY DSCIt was incredible seeing them closer up and slower, walking along them and seeing how the creator took care to make them level and contoured along the earth. And I even saw that in the forest, behind the houses,
there are MORE OF THEM, more of these perfectly created works of art. Who is this wall artist?! Because never once, not even once, have I seen a person on this property: not mowing, or walking or sitting or anything. Actually there was something a little bit desolate about it: so perfectly cared for…but who is out there enjoying it?

{Above, the letters on my correspondence desk, waiting to be replied to!}

I saw an acorn on my walk, just at the edge of the road. I thought about all those walks we took, the boys and I. We’d collect things like acorns and pinecones and bright leaves. Timeless walks when their legs were short and we had no destination. Or sometimes the destination was feeding the ducks. Or going to the playground. When they could walk on their own legs it was slow going, but we weren’t in a rush to get anywhere.

SONY DSC{Last weekend I put up these hooks so I have a place to hang my towel and pj’s after my bath.}

So. We had all that time back then and sometimes the days were too long and too frustrating and maddening and boring. I was impatient, they were awful to each other or grumpy with me or I was awful to them and grumpy with myself. Because there was plenty of time, but never enough sleep.

SONY DSC{This weekend’s wash. Three loads dried in the sunshine!}

So now our time is more precious, because we have less time that is ours. And occasionally, there’s a moment. Like this week, we found an old puzzle, a favorite old puzzle THAT SOMEONE ALMOST THREW OUT, a puzzle that was put together so many times during sickness and health, so we all have our favorite parts. It’s the one with all the hidden bears! No one cried about who put in the last puzzle piece, either. Win!

And so, sorry for the unbeautiful, non-blogworthy, indoor lighting. But the moment below needed to be captured.


One thought on “time

  1. I think I saw those stone walls or I saw some on Rt-235 that blew me away – would love to have you post a picture of them! Bumpa

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