Snuggled in/Light returning

~act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid~

OK. There has been so much going on this January in our family. Most recently: SNOWPOCALYPSE! EPIC, ALL-CAPS BLIZZARD! On the day before the storm, I was driving on the highway from Massachusetts and there were no less than 5 highway alert signs to the tune of: In case you have been living under a rock, there is a blizzard coming. Make plans and don’t drive.
SONY DSC We heard the Governor of MA deliver the news that a state of emergency was in effect when only a few flakes were flurrying. He sounded non-plussed, perhaps suffering from a January ennui that even an ALL-CAPS blizzard could not shake him from.

~awesome part of going to work when the sky looks like this~

SONY DSCThis picture makes my heart hurt a little bit. Don’t think I have forgotten the many years of teasing (still happens), people hurting each other (still happens), screaming and crying (not so much), and all the extremely hard work we did each and every day to provide boundaries and structure for our boys so they can become nice humans (you’re welcome).

Jonas is helping Sylvan with his math. He’s patient, kind, funny, PATIENT, and did I say patient?!?! with his brother. Did you know that lack of focus can be played as an extreme sport? I didn’t either. Mr. Sporty can play any game well, as you know. But Jonas beats him, nicely (shh! don’t tell either of them), with patience and refocusing, suggestions and reminders like some of the best teachers I have ever seen.
SONY DSCWe’ve also had flu in the house: Jonas, Sylvan both. Actually first, it was Jonas with a cold right after the holiday break. Then one week of health to prepare for and take finals. Then, next week: flu. Now manifesting in Sylvan! I had a touch of something, but it passed quickly (flu shot?). I’m drinking lots of water with cider vinegar, pumping vitamin C and zinc, elderberry, in between reading aloud from the Ramona books, forcing people to drink fluids, washing my hands like crazy, washing the dishes all the time, making and re-making couch beds, washing germy blankets, cooking healthy foods, boiling Thieves oil on the stovetop and wiping surfaces down with it, and I’ll be honest, WORRYING.

Did you know that when my children cough at night it literally makes me feel like my head is getting an electric shock? Flashback to whooping cough mom-response.

SONY DSCLove to curate a nice windowsill…


~wordpress: why is this picture so big?~

Don’t think I’m weird, but this is my current sink still life. Yes, those are human teeth, Sylvan’s in fact. A precious snowy owl salt shaker! A little peg dolly on a spool of thread! A super rare LEGO fish! Yes, and the four teeth: he lost them in the span of 3 weeks! The Tooth Fairy’s head is still spinning, and who knows, with this blizzard, when she might make it. When these teeth were coming in, they would take months of pain and agony, drool, suffering, sleepless nights. Then: zoopzoop, shedding teeth like it’s nothing!

{Oh and also: I accidentally deleted some photos from the very oldest posts on the blog. Ugh. I am going to try to dig back in and pull them out of the archives of the computer, but in case you’re wondering.}
Oh goodness, the beauty. I braved the blizzard and snow got down my neck, but it was worth it to bring you this.


holiday bliss



Holidays have come and gone, as well as the waves of various familial configurations. There were quiet moments and louder moments, games played, food shared, lots of reading great books, some very brisk walks, great conversations, and waking up during the daylight! There were a lot of trips to the grocery store, my other home, and visits with friends in the aisles.
SONY DSCWe have continued to tame our office space which has been the staging area for incoming boxes. Unpacking lots of books, deciding which ones can stay and which should move on. We have a lot of very beloved children’s books that are keepers.
SONY DSC One of the books that has inspired me this year has been Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You may have read this review in the NYT. I read the review and felt like it was a book that would be best enjoyed in the company of friends, so I put the call out on Facebook and soon had more than 30 folks near and far who wanted to participate.
SONY DSCI created a closed Facebook virtual book group for us, so those who were far away could keep an eye on how it was going. But what I loved most was the idea that there was space for us all to participate and find support in this work of cleansing our homes, finding the sparks of joy that we wish to cherish, hearing the stories from each other of what is difficult or easy about the process.

I love the way it has rippled out to touch other members of the community: “Oh, I heard about that book group from a friend and I already ordered my own copy!” Or, “I didn’t come to the meeting because I was helping my mom clear out her barn of 38 old tires!”


These photos of my dishtowels and napkins are a direct result of something a friend posted in the Facebook group. She shared her photo of her own dishtowel drawer and they were all rolled up and so lovely in their colors and patterns and textures. The dishtowels looked delighted with themselves! It was 8 pm and I had just sat down on the couch, ready to put my feet up and knit for a bit, but I saw her photo and it literally made me get up off my bum to bring some beauty into my own drawers. (What a gift that social media can be a vehicle for this type of positive peer inspiration.) It quickly became evident that the napkins were crowding out the dishtowels, so then I had to organize a different drawer to make a new home for the napkins… and in the process had to re-home some other random items. More ripples.

SONY DSC SONY DSC{We can never get enough of this guy, my brother.}
SONY DSC{Um. What exactly is going on with that knife?}
SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCHope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful holiday.

Tomorrow: waking up in the dark again.