Marching Forth

It’s always true. When you just get outside, something magical will always happen.

I almost didn’t go out. There was the knitting. The couch. The warm wood stove. The sharp wind.

But all of this amazingness was OUT THERE! I was thinking a lot about some special friends in my life while I was walking. Wishing so much Carrie was with me to admire this beauty.

{Are you freaking seeing this? For real?!}

Parenting from afar is new for me. (Oh sure, there’s still plenty of parenting to do right here at home. Don’t worry.) The hardest part about faraway parenting is striking the right balance: giving enough space, but also wanting to stay connected. Communication often happens digitally via text, by phone or FaceTime, sometimes inconsistently, and occasionally with urgency and all-caps.

As in (text):
Or recently, when there was a very important message to deliver and all other forms of communication had failed, on his Facebook wall:
JONAS!!!! Call home.

I will always take his calls and I will always answer his messages as soon as I see them. When I don’t hear from him, I assume everything is fine.

I’ve been listening to Hamilton on repeat, as everyone in the world has. Loving it, just like everybody. I have to skip a couple of songs though, if I don’t want to get the twinkles in my eyes. This one, about his children: “Philip you outshine the morning sun, my son.” Sends me right over. Also, the terrible song where Hamilton’s son Philip has been shot in a duel and his mother is holding him as he dies in her arms. Any mom’s worst nightmare.

Worse than Eponine’s death in Les Mis! Any mom’s second-worst nightmare!

One of my favorite lines is one of King George’s, when he is singing to America:
“I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love.”
I’m knitting a new sweater, with some yarn I got with a birthday gift certificate to my local yarn shop, The Cashmere Goat. One of the best presents to get! So far, not much ripping out, but it’s no doubt in the future of this project somewhere. It is one of Kate Davies’ yoke patterns: Asta Sollilja. The beauty of modern times was that I got digital access to all of the patterns as soon as I had ordered the book online. I am delighting in reading about the history and cultural significance of yoked garments.

But really. This:


4 thoughts on “Marching Forth

    1. Hi Sasha— thank you! I am using Rastita by Malabrigo for the white (so soft) and a yarn called Kenzie (from NZ) for the colors. The gauge is right horizontally but a little short vertically, so I am throwing in some extra rows where needed. The book is a total delight! xo

  1. Iris, I love your blog. When I see that there is a post in the inbox, I am so excited, I know I will enjoy whatever you are sharing. As someone who does not eat chocolate, I imagine it is like when someone gives you a box of sweets. But much healthier. A treat for the mind and heart. It is such a gift to read what you have articulated and see your photographs. The anticipation is well founded, I find your post to be so thoughtful, resonant and to me, delightful in every way. Just wanted to express my gratitude that you take the time in your very busy life to spread your radiance into the world via this blog. There is a corner here in NYC that is so happy to receive it! With love, Hilary

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Hilary. I love knowing that my words and images find their way to you! Love, Iris

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